Buying a home as an expat

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Are you an expat yourself, and looking for a home in the Netherlands? Often you do have the financial possibilities but not the knowledge. We help you find your dream home for the best price.  

As an expat it can be difficult to find a house in the Netherlands. Integrating into a completely different culture is often difficult enough and takes a lot of time and energy. The language barrier can get in your way and the regulations are completely unknown.

Even for the Dutch, buying a home is a big step with many question marks and a lot of paperwork, were most of the people need guidance. Taking out a mortgage is also not easy in many cases. Furthermore, additional conditions are often imposed for expats. 

guidance throughout the process 

With Key brokers, we go through the entire process of purchase and / or financing with you step by step. We can offer you a full service at a fixed transparent rate where communication can be conducted entirely in English (or German). We also ensure that all documentation is discussed and/or delivered in English.  

The mentoring process includes:      

  • Introductory meeting to get acquainted with you and your wishes     
  • Search together for the right home and location  
  • Preparation for the viewing of the home and surroundings     
  • Advice and guidance during and after the viewing     
  • Check asking price versus market value     
  • Cadastral and legal investigation     
  • Negotiation of price and terms     
  • Advisory services relating to financing     
  • Checking and/or amending the preliminary purchase contract     
  • Final inspection of the home   
  • utility services  
  • Guidance notary

Additional Services  

Affordable services from other professionals Key brokers are committed to buying the home of your dreams together with you. We offer you an A to Z service. Do you want to buy a home in Twente and do you need other professionals for this? We work together with various local parties, including building inspectors, civil-law notaries, mortgage advisers, energy inspectors and appraisers. Through these collaborations you can benefit from the services of these professionals.  

Do you want to know more about all the possibilities or about our purchase guidance? Feel free to contact us for more information or advice.