You not only want to buy a home that makes you very happy, but you also want to do this with a mortgage that makes you happy. Financing is an important part of the home purchase process. Key brokers offers professional advice on financing your new home.

Fair mortgage advice in Twente

You have been looking for a nice home in Twente for a while that meets your wishes and requirements. Found it? Then an exciting period begins! You want to buy the house, but you need a mortgage for this. Do you want to fully finance the house or do you only need partial financing? Is an annuity mortgage more advantageous for you or is it better to opt for a linear mortgage? What about monthly charges?

Financing a home is perhaps the part of the entire purchasing process that raises the most questions. Key brokers is there to answer your questions. We advise you in making a choice from the available mortgage types, we discuss the various mortgage providers with you and calculate your monthly costs. Together with our financial advisor you clarify the financial picture, and that is pleasant feeling!

A home and mortgage that makes you happy!

With the right purchase guidance, key brokers not only ensures that you buy the home that makes you very happy. We also ensure that you take out a mortgage for this that makes you happy. Maximum benefit makes people happy, and we love that! Would you like to know more or are you interested in a no-obligation introduction? Then contact us.