Buying a house in Twente is a whole process that actually starts with determining your housing requirements. What do you want and, very importantly, what do you especially want not? Searching for the home that meets all your wishes and requirements is not always easy. A lot is coming your way and the series of exciting moments continues once you have found your dream home. Key brokers is the real estate agent from Twente that offers you all the guidance you need.

Buy your new home in Twente with the best local guidance

Key brokers is committed to your dream home. Are you not quite sure what exactly you are looking for in a home? Already during the exploratory phase we offer advice and guidance, if you wish. No idea what your financial options are? Our independent advisor clearly maps out the financial part. Have you already found your dream home and do you know exactly what to do financially? Key brokers is the party to complete the process as desired, up to professional guidance at the notary and a thorough final inspection.

The most complete purchase guidance at a fixed rate

Do you want to buy a home in Twente? Then you will of course have to deal with additional costs. You especially want to be clear about this, so that you know where you stand and what to expect. Key brokers offers very complete purchase services for a fixed amount. Unlike most estate agents, we do not charge a percentage of the purchase price of the home. We use a fixed rate, for every buyer and for every home. With us you pay a fixed rate of only € 1,295 including VAT and, also unique to our service, you only pay this amount when you already have the keys to your new home.

Buy your new home in Twente with Key brokers

We are a full-service real estate agency with a very complete service. In order to offer you the best, we work together with various professionals, including notaries, appraisers, construction inspectors and financial advisers. This way you can always count on maximum effort if you choose the services of Key brokers. Do you want to buy a new home in Twente and do you want to know exactly what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us without obligation.