Selling your home in Twente is not just something. You are going to close a chapter of your life and open a fresh chapter. You want to tackle this in the right way, with an experienced party who ensures smooth progress. Key brokers is ready for you with a solution and specializes in the Twente housing market.

When you come to us to sell your home, we will first discuss the options with you. Of course, a value of the home must also be determined, so that we can give you a recommended asking price. We discuss the entire process from A to Z with you and adapt the service to your wishes and needs as much as possible.

Do you feel a good click with our sales broker and do you want to use our services? Then we will draw up an action plan for selling your home in Twente. You can decide for yourself what you want to do yourself and which tasks you want to outsource to us. This way you can always sell your home in your own way, with guidance from us where you need it. You can use various professional sales services at Key brokers.

From acquaintance and inventory of your wishes to a critical final inspection and aftercare: we can take care of the entire process for you, but only if you want it. Would you rather use only part of our services? Also fine!

Selling your home in Twente: what does it cost?

Key brokers are happy to clarify everything for you, even when it comes to costs. In that case, we do not charge any brokerage fee or guidance costs in the form of a percentage of the purchase price of the home. With us you always have clarity of the costs. Do you want to sell your home in Twente and do you want to do this fully under supervision? Then you pay a fixed amount of € 1,495 including VAT.

For this amount you will receive good, professional guidance and together we will ensure a pleasant sale of your home. Of course it may be that you have additional wishes with regards to our services. Of course there are plenty of options for this.

You can put together your ideal package for the service at Key brokers. Would you like extra presentation options or extra promotions? Would you like to outsource the viewings of your home to us or would you also like to use our services when purchasing your new home? It is all possible if you choose a custom package. Naturally, we will provide no-obligation clarity about the costs in advance, based on your specific wishes and requirements.